“Don’t ask what the world needs. 

   Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.

   Because what the world needs is people who

   have come alive."

   -Howard Thurman


   For me,  making art is that thing...there is

   nothing in 

the world that makes me feel more   
   alive or that I would rather be doing!


What inspires my work:


 I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga for the past twelve years and it infuses all my work. One of my favorite subjects is animals in yoga poses. I’m fascinated by anatomy  and tend to geek out over alignment queues in yoga. In my sculptures I blend human and animal anatomy, decide what the rules of articulation are for each joint,then figure out what perfect yoga alignment would look like for that animal in it’s particular pose. It satisfies me intellectually and amuses me to no end . I tend to give my sculptures short names, but in my head the real name of the piece is usually a yoga teaching point.  For example, “Be proud” the zebra in up dog, is actually named “Due to his individual bone structure,  Zed could not lift his hips off the floor in up dog...everyone’s bones are different”

Traveling and Textiles-

My degree is in Fashion and textile design. I’ve always loved other culture’s traditional textiles and patterns. I’ve been lucky enough to live abroad and travel  quite a bit seeing  and collecting all the beautiful textiles I studied in college. Japanese fabric patterns, Thai design elements, and Korean temple color schemes often find their way into my work.

A desire to contribute to the world in a positive way-

Making art gives me so much happiness and joy. I hope to spread those feelings to the viewer. I hope that when people look at my art they smile and it brightens their day.